About Us

Based in Orange County, California, with offices in Houston, Texas , ProOne, Inc. has developed proprietary lubrication technology which reduces friction better than anything else on the market and has over 50 times the film strength of conventional lubricants. ProOne’s primary focus is on the commercial and industrial markets where its environmentally friendly line of products takes lubrication to the next level of performance. The principals involved with ProOne have decades of experience in the lubrication industry, developing and marketing patented state-of-the-art technology.

With applications for manufacturing, mining, oil drilling and transportation, this advanced lubrication technology offers bottom line savings including reducing wear and extending equipment life, increasing productivity, lowering energy and fuel consumption, preventing costly downtime and lowering maintenance.  ProOne’s Lubrication Technology has been tested  and certified by leading testing laboratories and proven in the real world.

We have now tied up with Taurus Lubes and Specialities, which is our Indian distributor for Pro-One products. The quality and effective products manufactured under Pro-one will be distributed across India through the Taurus Group based in Bangalore.