Nitro Drilling

ProOne Nitro is the next evolution in drilling lubrication technology. It is the proven solution for drilling challenges and ultimate will cost savings. This unmatched technology reduces heat and friction under the most extreme conditions and out performs the competition even at low concentrations, and is compatible with all drilling fluids.

ProOne Nitro withstands high heat (beyond 500°F+), and has an unprecedented film strength of over 200,000psi. From spud to TD and everything in between, Nitro begins to work the moment it enters the well to help operators reach TD faster and safer.

When it comes to performance and maximizing well cost savings, ProOne knows the drill.


Drilling Issues Solved

  • High Torque and Drag
  • Low ROP
  • Excessive Trips
  • Doglegs & Micro Doglegs
  • Deviated Wells
  • TopDrive Overheating
  • Going Through Mud Motors & Pumps
  • Chopped Holes
  • Spiraled Holes




Tested & Proven


Benefits of Use

  • Reduces Torque
  • Increases ROP
  • Saves Drill Bits
  • Saves Mud Motors
  • Saves Trips
  • Drills Curves Up To 50% Faster
  • Straighter Verticals
  • Minimizes Twist Off Risk
  • Helps Free Stuck Pipe
  • Reduces Hook Load
  • Reduces well bore damage in vibrations inducted formations